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Verpeak Yoga Wheel 3 pieces set ( 3 Verpeak Yoga Wheel ) (Green) VP-YBS-105-SD

Verpeak Yoga Wheel 3 pieces set ( 3 Verpeak Yoga Wheel ) (Green) VP-YBS-105-SD

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Yoga Wheel Variant 3 Piece Set Green


  • Ideal for New Yogis
    Provides stable support for everyone, ideal for people who are recovering from injuries. Also helps improve body flexibility.

  • Reduces Back & Neck Pain
    Tailored to increase body circulation as it will not only help roll out your muscles but also help to relax and release all tension and stress.

  • Durable
    Our Yoga Wheel is made with eco-friendly TPE padding that is sweat and odour-free, plus each wheel is made from strong ABS plastic and non slip material.

  • Heavy Duty
    Don't worry about how heavy you are, our yoga wheel can withstand up to 250kg of weight. Just go ahead and enjoy your yoga poses!

  • Personalised
    Each wheel can be used for different purposes, the 32cm wheel would be suitable for adults, the 25cm wheel suit medium pressure massage and stretches for the lower body while the 16cm wheel would suit deep focused tissue massages in the neck, back and legs.


  • Dimension: 32cm, 25cm, 16cm
  • Weight: 3 kg
  • Product specific specs:
    3 Pieces Set - Yoga Wheel (32cm, 16cm, 25cm), withstand up to 250kg
  • Material: Yoga Wheel ( TPE + ABS)
  • Colour: Green and Black

Package Detail

  • Dimension ( H x W x L ): 35 x 15 x 35cm
  • Weight: 3.0kg
  • Content: 1 x 32cm yoga wheel, 1 x 25cm yoga wheel, 1 x 16cm yoga wheel
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