What is the Difference Between the G-Form Pro-S Blade and the Pro-S Elite 2 Shin Guards?

The G-Form Blade Shin Guards are a light weight, low profile, contoured, slip in guard. They are symmetrically the smallest profile pad G-Form can make that meets NOCSAE certification. You can either slip these directly into your socks or use the included sleeve, which is made of highly breathable nylon/spandex mesh retention fabric. The Blade pad is machine washable but, we recommend hand washing the sleevesThe Pro-S Elite 2 Shins are the updated version of the Pro-S Elite Shins. The NOCSAE certified pads have been updated and the multilayer asymmetrical construction is designed to increase flexibility while adding protection. The sleeve is an engineered circular knit sleeve with gradient compression that easily slips off & on while providing enhanced comfort and balanced compression. The fabric is also moisture wicking and UPF 50+ to keep the wearer dry and comfortable. These guards are machine washable.

Where are G-Form Shin Guards Made?

G-Form's SmartFlex™ pads (the padding that protects you) are designed and manufactured at G-Form's owned production facility in Rhode Island, US. Pads are then applied to garments that are cut and sewn either in the Dominican Republic or China. From there, the products are distributed from a facility in Missouri and then shipped to Grassroots Sports Group in Sydney for Australian distribution.

What is NOCSAE Certification?

In 1969 the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) was formed to commission research directed toward injury reduction. Our shin guards meet their official standards, which you can read more about here: www.nocsae.org/standards/soccer

Can I wash my G-Form Shin Guards?

G-Form's SmartFlex™ pads can be machine washed in cold water on a gentle spin and then laid flat to dry. For quicker drying we recommend hanging them from a line with a clothes peg.

How do G-Form Shin Guards work?

G-Form was founded by athletes, scientists, and engineers. You can learn more about their revolutionary Smartflex technology and how it works here.

How do I know what size to choose?

Check out our size guide for sizes on G-Form Shin Guards and Ortho Movement Football Insoles. For G-Form measure your calf at the largest point. With the Ortho Movement Football Insoles it is best to go slightly bigger size and then cut the insoles to fit your boots.

Can I place a Team Order for multiple pairs?

Yes we take team orders for all of our range. Get in touch with us at contact@grassrootssg.com.au for discounted pricing.

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