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ORTHO MOVEMENT was founded because we believe in running, climbing, playing, skiing, walking, kicking, dancing, jumping.

We believe in an active lifestyle.

At Ortho Movement we also know that an active life can be challenging. It takes discipline and willpower to stay on the energy level that just keeps you going. In order to get you there, we think you need to stop focusing on what's holding you back, whatever factors that block your movement.

Today we BELIEVE that we can help erase distractions and allow you to be present IN every motion. With our human centric products, inspired by your movement, we support you to move comfortably and confidently throughout your life.

We will always design to enhance the moment. To help you embrace and experience your passion. Regardless if you run a marathon through cheering crowds, aim for the snow dusted peaks of K2 or walk with your friend to school.

Allow yourself to feel your heartbeat increase and sweat run down your back. To feel the flow, to feel alive and stay present in the moment of every movement. To relive those moments when destination, time and place doesn't matter.


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