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Smartflex™, G-Form's revolutionary technology, creates uninhibited freedom of motion and delivers the ultimate fit for athletes. Unlike other protective sports gear, SmartFlex™ ensures that your padding remains moisture-free and lightweight - and it's machine washable.

SmartFlex™ seals in exoskeleton rate dependent materials that can change its molecular structure on contact. Translation? It's soft when lightly touched, yet hardens on stronger impact. Have a look at how it works. It's pretty cool stuff.


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The molecules in the foam slightly repel each other, making the material soft and flexible.


Molecules bind together causing the pads to stiffen, absorb, and redistribute the energy from the impact.


Molecules return to their original state, pads go back to being soft and malleable.

Key Features and Benefits: 

  • FlexibleG-Form's revolutionary SmartFlex™ Technology creates uninhibited freedom of motion and delivers the ultimate fit for athletes.
  • ProtectiveSmartFlex™ body-mapped pads are specifically designed for the impacts of each sport and absorb impact energy to protect your body, all while remaining lightweight and flexible.
  • LightweightNo athlete should have to put up with protective sports gear that weighs them down, or restricts motion due to bulk. G-Form have industry-leading lightweight and low profile gear.
  • Breathable - G-Form design ventilated pads, mesh backs, and use moisture-wicking, UPF 50+ fabric. Our SmartFlex™ Technology ensures that your padding remains moisture-free and lightweight.
  • Secure Fit - G-Form use compression sleeves and silicon grippers to ensure your pads stay in place while you're on the field, or a trail, in the snow, or wherever you move. So you can focus on playing.
  • Low Profile - Bulky protective sports gear that gets in your way is a thing of the past. Our low profile gear is lightweight (in some cases, less than 2 oz.) and fits like a second skin.
  • Washable - One of the exclusive benefits of G-Form's revolutionary SmartFlex™ Technology is that it ensures your padding remains moisture free and lightweight-and is machine washable.

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