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VERPEAK Power Resistance Band (Set of 5)

VERPEAK Power Resistance Band (Set of 5)

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Power Workout Heavy Resistance Bands Set for Home Gym Yoga Strength Exercises (5pcs)


  • Explore New Boundaries With The Added Resistance
  • Switch Thing Up at your own Pace
  • Get a Good Wherever you are


  • Bands workout muscle Group
    -One Arm Bicep Curls
    -Front Squat
    -Lateral Walk
  • The necessity of resistance bands:
    Resistance bands can provide incremental resistance that free weight cannot provide. Resistance increases continuously as it is stretched, so it is effective in fast-twitch muscle fiber and explosive training. At the same time their lighter weight allows them to be used in most places.
    Studies have shown that using resistance bands in strength and explosive power training can achieve better results.


COLOURS, ELASTICITY, SIZE (Length x Thickness x Width)

  • Yellow - 2-7kg (5-15lbs) - 208 x 0.64 x 0.45 cm
  • Red - 7-16kg (15-35lbs) - 208 x 0.45 x 1.30 cm
  • Red - 14-36kg (30-80 lbs) - 208 x 0.45 x 2.80 cm
  • Black - 11-27kg (25-60lbs) - 208 x 0.45 x 2.20 cm
  • Green - 23-57kg (50-125lbs) - 208 x 0.45 x 4.50 cm

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