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VERPEAK Barbell Squat Pad (Black) VP-BSP-100-MD

VERPEAK Barbell Squat Pad (Black) VP-BSP-100-MD

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Reduce the risk of injury. Barbell squad pad helps to distribute weight & relieves painful pressure on your neck, shoulder or hips, allow you to perform the heaviest squats in comfort.

Anti-slip. The advanced material ensures the pad will not shift or roll around from the bar, designed for upmost comfort, allows you to focus on your form without pain.

Multi exercise. This barbell pad comes with a high grip surface and great for exercises like squats, lunges and hip thrusts and so on.

Light weight. Barbell squad pad is made with thick sturdy foam that is light weight design, perfect for carrying in gym bags without extra weight.

Portable and convenient. It is very easy to install and remove, but remains fastened during workouts.


Material: Foam

Color: Black

Size: 44 x 9 x 3cm

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