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MiLESEEY 600M Magnetic Rangefinder LCD Laser Golf Range Finder Vibration Alert

MiLESEEY 600M Magnetic Rangefinder LCD Laser Golf Range Finder Vibration Alert

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Remove the guesswork from your golf shot and determine the distance between you and your target with our fast and accurate magnetic golf rangefinder. It measures distance, angle, and scope quickly, providing direct and slope compensated distances. The golf scanning mode provides vibration alert while the rangefinder scans the flagpole. The vibration will provide a confirmation that it is locked onto the flag, and then the distance will be displayed. Its efficient built-in high absorption magnetic stripe enables you to know how far you can shoot and how far you need to shoot, which speeds up the game and helps improve your game skills. This device is designed for various use such as hunting, racing, sailing, golf, archery, mountaineering, traffic, and surveys. Our golf magnetic rangefinder is convenient with its single-hand operation, lightweight, compact, and portable design, LCD display, and 600m range scope. It features an adjustable dioptre that is suitable for myopia and hyperopia and allows naked eye viewing, and the 6X magnification enables you to zoom in to see your target clearly. Watch your game fly and play golf like a pro with our magnetic golf rangefinder.

One-hand operation
600M range scope
Compact and portable size
LCD display
Type - C fast charging
Naked eye viewing
Vibration alert on golf flagpole scanning mode
Golf slope scanning mode
Built-in magnetic stripe
6X magnification
Real time distance/angle measurement
Golf slope on/off switch function
Wide application in sailing, racing, golf, archery, mountaineering, traffic, and surveys.

Range: 600m(approx.=650 Yards)
Power: Built-in Lithium battery
Measuring unit: m/Yd
Accuracy: plus/minus 0.5m+0.001D
Laser wavelength: 905nm
Eye safety: FDA(CFR 21)
Field angle: 7 degree
Magnification: 6X
Product size: 110mm x 72mm x 40mm
Objective lens diameter: 22mm
Eyepiece lens diameter: 16mm
Exit pupil diameter: 3.7mm
Dioptre: plus/minus 5D
Dioptre adjust: Eyepiece adjustment
Operating temperature: 0~+40 Celcius degree

Package Content
1 x Laser Golf Rangefinder
1 x USB Charging Cable
1 x Mirror Cloth
1 x Carry Bag
1 x Hook (attached on carry bag)
1 x User Manual

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