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School representative sport returns after Covid hiatus

Local students will be given the opportunity to represent their school and region again this year with the return of representative sports from this week.

The NSW Government announced school representative sports events returned from Monday, allowing students to travel to compete after an almost year long hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The announcement was made on Monday morning by the NSW Minister for Education and the NSW Minister for Tourism and Sport.

The return of school representative sport provides much-needed stimulus to regional communities with statewide championships and trials adding up to almost $20 million for local communities annually.

More than 100 statewide championships and trials involving 28 sports are held across NSW each year.

Minister for Education Sarah Mitchell said, like so many school students, she is excited to see representative sport kick off again.

"This is just another step in schools returning to business as usual and highlights the effectiveness of our planning in keeping students safe," Ms Mitchell said.

"As someone from a regional area, I know what a big deal it is for regional communities to host state championships.

"It's not only about the extra dollars that get pumped into the local economy, but also the energy, excitement and inspiration that comes with watching students performing at the highest levels of sport."

Minister for Tourism and Sport Stuart Ayres said he is thrilled that kids can get back out and play their favourite sports this term.

"It's one of the most memorable parts of growing up, being able to be involved in school sport, I am thrilled that representative sport is back," Mr Ayres said.

"We know how important it is to encourage and develop our future professional athletes and these representative opportunities are one way we can do that."
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