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My First Sand Timer Set - Fandex

My First Sand Timer Set - Fandex

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The Fandex My First Sand Timer is great for conducting time experiments. It's suitable for children ages 3 and up and can help with skills like problem solving and hand-eye coordination.

It's great for both education and playtime.

It helps teach problem solving and fine motor skills, as well as helping hand-eye coordination and stimulating senses.

It is made of a tough plastic.

The set comes in assorted colours and chosen at random by the supplier.

It is great for children between ages 3 and 6.

The set also includes 2 big caps, 2 main bodies, 2 test tube holders, a small filter, a small connector, 2 small caps, a big connector, a big filter, a net filter, 2 test tube converters, a shovel, a long test tube, a short test tube, a user manual and the activity book.

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