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Metal Detector Deep Sensitive Waterproof Searching Treasure LCD 240mm

Metal Detector Deep Sensitive Waterproof Searching Treasure LCD 240mm

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Discover hidden, unearthed fortunes in forests, parks, beaches, and even your own backyard with our professional metal detector. It's reliable, practical, and convenient and designed to make your search easy and hassle-free. It features simple and intuitive digital display, nine target categories, and four operation modes (all metals, disc, notch, and pinpoint). The LCD displays all the information critical to your search. Other additional features include variable S-rod shaft length, large armrest support, backlight for bright and dark settings, low battery indication, super slow sweep identification, target numeric indication, and disc numeric indication and comes with headphones. Our metal detector has maximum 240mm sensitivity that helps you know the target's depth and distance. It has three detection tones (low, medium, and high tone) that lets to know the type of metal, and the waterproof search coil allows you to locate lost items and relics underwater, up to 24cm deep. The metal detector also boasts an adjustable head for flexible movement. You can adjust the search coil head to suit different terrains. Whether you want to find lost items, go for a treasure hunt with mates, or organise fun activities and unusual outdoor adventure for your family and friends, shop our professional metal detector to perform a deep search today.

Nine target categories
Four operation modes: All metals, Disc, Notch, Pinpoint
Waterproof search coil
LCD display
Three tones for different metal types
Adjustable sensitivity and volume
Super slow sweep identification
Target numeric indication
DISC numeric indication
Low battery indication
Pinpoint function
Adjustable backlight for bright and dark area
Variable S-rod shaft length
Large armrest support
Versatile use
Headphone included

Frequency: 7.7kHz approx.
Maximum sensitivity: 240mm
Diameter of search coil: 250mm
Adjustable length: 114cm - 137cm
Required battery: 2 x 9V alkaline batteries (not included)
Net weight: 1.1kg
Colour: Black

Package Content
1 x LCD Metal Detector
1 x Headphone
1 x User Manual


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