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Green Fitness Yoga Strap Band Waist Trainer Leg Door Swing Adjustable Ballet Dancer

Green Fitness Yoga Strap Band Waist Trainer Leg Door Swing Adjustable Ballet Dancer

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The stretch strap material is made of silky fabric, which is sturdy, and it does not hurt or burn your skin with friction.

No need for a rafter or hardware, you just slip the two foam wheels on each end over your door, then shut it to hold it in place. Because the aerial stretching swing isn\'t permanently fixed, you can move it to other rooms or for travelling. It will be great for assistance while stretching your back ,waist leg or practicing to open your shoulder. 

Door flexibility & stretching leg strap increase your flexibility and stretch yourself easier. The Yoga swing strap is very suit for child or dance to practice backbends, go upside-down, spliting, headstand, abdominal core strength and full body stretch, also great alternative to relieve shoulder back pain and stiffness.

The sash is adjustable for different lengths/stretches, you can adjust it right according to the number on each side.The adjustable swing length is 63\". When fully open it\'ll cover the bum and most of the back. The waist /leg strap is a great alternative to having those huge bouncy balls taking up unnecessary space in your room.

The backbend assist trainer is comfortable against your spine. It\'s super comfy and meets most yoga practitioner, sports players, gymnastics, gym-goer and those into ballet or body building. Please loose up your muscles and stretch before any workout.

Package include: 1x yoga strap
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