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2 Compelling Reasons Shin Guards Are a Must-Wear for Football

Many assume that they can get away with enjoying football with just a pair of football boots. Doing so makes the sport a lot more accessible and affordable, and in fact, it can be enough for many players. However, if you are playing at a more competitive level, there is one thing that you should invest in and wear for your matches: shin guards.

Not everyone likes shin guards, let alone wear them. However, you'll wish you had them on when someone tries to tackle you and hits your shin hard. In this article, we'll talk about exactly why you'll want to have shin guards before heading out for your next game:

1. Cushions the Impact

With other people's feet flying everywhere, you'll want to make sure that if one finds its way to your shin, it’s well cushioned and protected—this is precisely what shin guards do. According to an article from the National Center for Biotechnology Information, shin guards were found to absorb up to 90% of the impact. In other words, the wearer will only experience about 10% of the actual load of the impact. Apart from making the ordeal a lot less painful, other risks like fractures are also significantly reduced.

On that note, understand that different shin guards will have different levels of protection. The angle at which the strike hits can also affect how much of the load the shin guards absorb. Regardless, though, wearing any shin guard is better than wearing none.

2. Protects Soft Tissue

Apart from protecting your shin from potentially bone-fracturing impacts, a shin guard also keeps your soft tissues safe from scrapes. Open wounds are a risk that is not to be taken lightly. Remember—football is a contact sport. When getting into contact with your opponent or anyone else, the opponent's football boot can easily cut, dig, or slice your shin open. However, that isn't the only way you may cut up your shin. 

Doing things like tackling and sliding places your soft tissues under heavy stress against the surfaces it comes into contact with. Without a guard, your shin can easily be wounded, potentially forcing you to leave the field to tend to it.

Keep in mind that you may still walk off the pitch with some bruises and even wounds. It isn't going to protect you 100 per cent! However, thanks to the shin guards, the amount of damage you've taken is limited, allowing you to quickly recover from any injuries you have received to get back and playing in no time at all.


Now, the question remains: should you wear shin guards? The answer is a resounding yes! One may argue that shin guards make them play worse or that shin guards aren't needed. However, people invest in the latest boots all the time to mimic how the pros play, and would it surprise you to know that even the pros wear shin guards? 

There is no excuse not to wear a shin guard. Wearing them gives you the protection you need to protect your shins during a tough game, ensuring that you remain as safe as possible from injuries to ensure peak performance during each match you participate in!

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