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Factors That Shorten or Lengthen the Lifespan of Your Insoles

Shoes are a vital piece to any outfit, especially when it comes to sports. Although most sports shoes can look pretty cool, if they're not comfortable to wear, they could ruin your athletic performance.

Adding a solid set of insoles in your shoes could make a massive difference to your comfort and foot health. Buying the perfect pair of insoles could help eliminate foot and lower body pain, protect you against injury, and of course, boost your athletic and recreational performance. 

But like any accessory, insoles are also susceptible to wear and tear. When they're battered and worn out, they can't provide you with the comfort and protection you need. Before it reaches remove the point of no return, you should change your insoles — but when is that?

Typically, normal insoles will last up to six to nine months. But if you're putting an average of wear and tear on your insoles for soccer boots or other sports, they may last from three to six months before you need to replace them. 

Factor #1: Insole Quality

There's no doubt that a good-quality insole will definitely last longer than those on the cheaper side. If you want effective insoles that would last for months, it's best to invest in the best pair in the market. 

When you're looking for insoles, you want to ensure that it has a sturdy and stable base with a contoured footbed. With these elements, you will feel more comfortable, and it will be more aligned. 

Factor #2: Insole Gel

Insoles with gel, foam or fabric uppers tend to last much longer than those only made with wool, cotton, or terry fabric material. Those made with the latter breakdown much easier, offering little-to-no support for your foot and won't help align your body throughout the day. However, those with foam and gel provide cushion to your feet, providing you with sufficient comfort.

Factor #3: Style and Material

Of course, if you wear your insoles every day, they will wear out more rapidly as compared to wearing them a couple of times a week. Not to mention, the type of activities you do can also take a toll on your insoles durability. 

With that being said, you need to choose the right style and material for your insole needs. For athletes, there are specific insoles for soccer boots, allowing you to boost your performance in the field. If you want a low impact insole for everyday comfort, there's one in the market as well. 

The Bottom Line: So When Should I Change My Insoles?

Seeing as there are various styles and designs, you must know what type of insoles you need so they can provide you with the right protection and support. Additionally, keep in mind that if you're starting to feel discomfort or you're tracking the months of your usage, make sure that you change your insoles before it gives you pain and discomfort.

Whether you need insoles for soccer cleats or a pair for your everyday shoes, it's important to change them when their lifespan is through!

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Insoles can definitely change the way you perform on the field. So if you're looking for a pair of insoles for soccer boots, you've come to the right place.

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